Picking grain.

Once upon a time there was a man who rocked this world. He had the super power to heal sick people with just His voice and His touch. He had the ability to read minds with His passionate eyes. He spoke, and evil would tremble in obedience to His commands.
He grew to have many, many followers. I mean, it probably would take two entire days to count all of the heads that were turned in His direction. We’d also need to count all of the poor souls who were on their way to meet Him, or didn’t have enough money to go to His concert, which would take an additional day. (Ain’t nobody got time for that shenanigans!)

News about Him spread like a wild fire in California, during the summer months. Let me tell you; Those can be a beast, my friend.

I mean, everyone was posting about this man with their handheld cellular mechanisms. Today we call them hands or something? I’m still trying to figure out the difference there.

Anyways, the WorldWeekly even published an article that some people had to go to the hospital because of so called “selfie-stick” injuries. Don’t ask me. I just know that it was simply madness I tell you! Simply madness!

Many people wanted get a picture with Him; the great Teacher. Poor guy had to literally wake up so, super early in the morning for His prayer time in the solitude. He was a christian man, after all.

Listen: He was so popular that men climbed to the top of a building, and busted open it’s rooftop, to get His attention in the middle of a sermon. (For shame!)

The people wanted Him. Nay. They needed Him.

The hungry and thirsty peasants knew that He was the One. He was the greatest man in all of the land called world. He was such a unique individual that a crazy guy, who dressed in camel’s hair (glad that’s not a norm now-a-days), prepared the way for His arrival on earth.

Then, He defeated the town’s enemy and lived happily ever after. That’s the end of my “Once upon a Time”story.

Oh, wait. This is all true! Except the selfie-stick injuries part. Can I get a hallelujah?! Amen, Brother! Sister!

If you are still reading: Bless you. You have just read the longest introduction in life. Wow.

The man I have alluded to is Jesus Christ….obviously.

If you didn’t get it by now, I will pray for you. I will pray for your wisdom

Andddd….you should probably go read the Bible….Like now.

I’d even recommend that you don’t read further, until that little lightbulb in the ceiling brightens up. It may take some time. You may need to seek a pastor’s counsel as well. There’s even apps that can quiz you on Bible trivia. When you get a 100 percent, then you may continue to collect your 200 dollars as you pass go. Until then, I hereby sentence you to Bible jail.

Que mala soy!?!  HaHa!

I am Just Joking around!

I love you

I promise: I get to my point….eventually.

So, as I hope you have gathered from the above nonsense, Jesus was certainly popular among the masses of the time. Now, unfortunately, even the great, healing, & powerful Jesus had haters (Gasp! Say it isn’t so!)

Yes, it’s true. His haters were the religious leaders of the age: the Pharisees.

The Pharisees hated Jesus to the point that they questioned Him one day as He was in the grain-fields. Of course, Jesus was with His disciples, and they were picking grain from the fields. Duh! They were not playing volleyball or basketball, friend. The Pharisees had an issue because they were picking grain on the Sabbath. The Sabbath was considered a day of rest, where people were prohibited from working. The law was very specific with what could and could not be done on the day of rest. Consequently, they accused His disciples of breaking the law.

“The Pharisees said to Him [Jesus] ‘Look why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?’” ~Mark 2: 24 (NIV)

How Jesus responds is so vital for our spiritual growth and vision. He truly is the great teacher still today.

First, because He is who He is, He reminds them of what King David used to do upon the Sabbath. King David would feed the hungry, despite what the law stated (v. 25-6). Keep in mind, that Jesus doesn’t remind them because King David is who they were supposed to imitate. Jesus wasn’t expressing the idea that people should act contrary to the established law, either. King David wasn’t used by Jesus as the main focus; rather, Jesus reminds the Pharisees of King David’s actions as an example for what He is about to teach; His main point and focus.

“Then, He said to them [The Pharisees], ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even on the Sabbath’” ~Mark 2: 27-8 (NIV)

The Sabbath was made for man. What a beautiful lesson!

God -created–> Man -then–> Sabbath (for man)

The pharisees had it wrong.

God -created–>Sabbath -Then–> Man (for the sabbath)

The problem with the second picture, or viewpoint, is that the Sabbath stands between humanity and the creator. This is exactly how the Pharisees saw the Sabbath. They wanted to dress themselves with the law to bridge the gap between them and the Heavenly creator. Their focus was all wrong. One, they did not realize that they were interacting with the Holy one, who would ultimately be that Gap they so longed for. Furthermore, they did not realize the purpose of the Sabbath. Jesus teaches them so well.

I challenge you: How do you view the Sabbath?!

The truth is that the Sabbath is a tool; no, it’s more than a tool. It’s a gift from the Lord to us. It’s a FREE GIFT.

In His wisdom, the Lord knows that we get tired. We are only human. In His loving grace, He gifted the sabbath to be a part of our life’s rhythm of service.

Yes, He directs us to give to the needy. Yes, He directs us to forgive our enemies. Yes, He directs us to make disciples. Yes, He directs us to seek justice. Yes, He direct us to worship him with our whole hearts.

*Yes, it is most certainly okay to pick the grain as well*

The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. 

Do you need to be renewed, refreshed, or refilled?

I pray that you pick the grain, if you need to. Go ahead…

The Lord is calling you to, sweet friend.

I further pray that the Sabbath becomes a natural part of your dance with the Almighty, creator.

He’s quite the gentleman, no?

Con mi amor ❤

Tu hermana en Cristo,